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Double Nucs

Every year I try to incorporate something into my operation that will make it better and more sustainable. This year after watching a lecture given by Mike Palmer, a commercial beekeeper in the Champlain Valley of Vermont, I decided to add double nucs. According to Mike using double nucs has the advantage of sharing a common wall to help maintain the heat, improving the survivability of nucs and giving me more options the following spring. Double nucs have a common bottom board that is divided with entrances on each end. The bottom brood box has a divider separating it into two halves. The next brood boxes are separate so that you can do inspections without aggravating the bees..

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  • August Newsletter
    Next Beekeeping meeting August 24th:

    The second meeting on June 1st, was well attended with 28 beekeepers in attendance. With your support and input I hope to see this continue to grow.


    Hanna and Will of 26th Street Farms were gracious enough to host the next meeting at their place to go through some hives to evaluate them as well as demonstrating a sugar shake test to check for Varroa Mite load on the hive. (click to read more)

  • Beekeeping in the news...
  • Establishing the Pollinator Health Task Force – On June 20, 2014, President Obama sent out a memorandum stating he was creating a Pollinator Health Task Force. Time will tell how and if anything changes and will it help or hinder beekeepers. If you would like to read more about this you can follow this link:

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